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Good news everyone! I got to vote!! HOORAY FAULTY VOTING SYSTEM!!! And the guy I voted for won! I expect a letter from him thanking me any day now.

That is all.


dont you hate pants?

happy halloween boys and girls. friday halloweens are the best. i wish i could trick or treat. candy is delicious.

its almost november 4th. i cant wait. i cant wait until the 5th so i can go back to not caring about politics. ive already stopped caring (thank you office of the city commissioners). and what an election season this one has been. for a review, see this site.

i want to write another "top-list" post but have been too lazy to do so. thats the problem with these blogs, ya see. ya gotta keep em up to date and you cant slack or else yer readers will move on to another person's blog. i really have no idea who or what that last sentence was trying to emulate. i just didnt feel like deleting it.

the truth is, i really dont like blogs anymore. i loved reading them and writing posts a few years ago...but im tired of them now. im tired of the thousands of wordpress sites that force you to scroll through tons of content. i also dont like how limited the typical blog is. id like to do more than just spit out paragraphs of text. if i had money, id create a website (for what? i dont know...). id feel more obligated to keep it up to date if it was my design and what-not (actual CS term). but until then, ill keep posting crap to this site and thinking of things to decorate my hypothetical, mystical site with.

i am bored with this post, so i am done.

id pay good money for some free time

see...what's happened lately is i think of something i want to bloggerize about when im not in front of a computer, and when i get to a computer, i forget that i thought of something to post. just in the last three days, ive come up with a bunch of topics i want to address...but alas, its time for me to sleep. hopefully, ill get to talk about some of them this weekend. midterms are over and though my workload is still heavier than william taft (HEY-O!), i should have some time to post something.


the man wont let me vote for the man

its been awhile. classes and work are crazy busy. like for real.

classes are going well so far. i have a probability midterm on wednesday. then i get my take-home midterm for methods on thursday. im glad i have a week to finish that one because it involves r, which takes me forever. im getting better at r, though. actually liking it better than sas. im sure you feel the exact same way. anywho, i also have a human health/disease online midterm sometime at the end of the month...probably should go look to see when im supposed to take that.

work (aka research (aka analyzing data with sas (aka doing it the long way because i dont know the sas shortcuts yet))) is great. im really liking what im doing and im interested in the research itself. im already excited about getting a job after i get my degree.

what else...hmmm...not much. work and school have taken over my life recently. we started going to a home meeting (aka home group (aka community group (aka gathering of select people from our church))). i really like some of the people ive sort of started to get to know there. the conversation is led by a piece of paper with questions on it, which sort of makes the chats forced and mundane at times. i really want to try to get everyone off on tangents so we can talk about stuff in a more candid, unforced (read: human) way.

hey so, guess what? we registered to vote this past month. or at least we THOUGHT we registered. actually, britt's registration went through, however, yours truly somehow entered the wrong drivers license number (because i KNOW i didnt forget to enter it). i know this because around the deadline, i got a letter saying my registration was incomplete. i did not get to this letter until after the deadline, so i could not send it back in time (im pretty sure i got the letter the day of or the day before pennsylvania's deadline). i sent it back with the correct license number anyhow...but im not expecting to be allowed to vote this year...which sucks. i didnt vote last year because i didnt like either candidate (i.e. they both sucked hard). i was really excited to vote this year, though. i really like one of the candidates (read: i really hate the other candidate). oh well...at least britt gets to vote.

in other news: boo america.

im done (aka im not going to type anymore (i.e. goodbye (read: go away)))



Where's WHAT?

Britt got a credit card with her new last name on it...it came in the mail and the card says "Brittainy Wierzdicki." Welcome to the family, Britt. Get used to it.


a jumbilation of compiled-ness

so, it's been a little while (obviously). i've been listening to a lot of hymns lately. i love hymns. i love their words. of course, i really like the ones that have been contemporized (like that word?) in their melodies. i'm also really liking the fall up here. it's been really nice out lately. last weekend it was actually almost cold outside at night...i think around 50. soooo wonderful. it's gotten warm again, but i am holding my breath for the cold air again. also exciting news: i made homeade pie crust for the first time tonight! no, not the graham cracker crust kind...done that...i mean real pie crust. i was making individual chicken pot pies in little ramekins (so cute, i love them!), but i substituted a couple of things in the crust recipe. i used whole grain pastry flour instead of all-purpose flour. that made it darker and a little stiffer. then i substituted coconut oil for shortening. don't worry, i didn't make this up on my own, i actually found out that you can substitute it one to one. coconut oil is a lot healthier as long as it's in it's natural non-hydrogenated state. apparently the type of saturated fat is good for you. anyway, it was really yummy crust, but i think that because coconut oil is harder and has less moisture than shortening that i need to compensate by adding extra water to the dough...because it was a little too crumbly...wouldn't stick together well. but, other than that it was a success! in other news...i'm still trying to decide what to do about school and work and such...


chicken or cheese?

sooo, mike and i got food poisoning last night. actually, i believe it showed itself around 2:30 am. luckily for mike, his wasn't too terribly bad...and by that i mean no puking. my wonderful hubby did drive me to the chestnut hill hospital er around 4 am thought, despite his own nauseated state. there i was pumped with fluids (to make up for all the ones i had expelled violently from my body...i'm sure you wanted to know) and medicine to make the nausea calm down. we returned home safely around 8 am, both still somewhat sick feeling. there we spent all day asleep. hopefully the poisoned food is done wreacking havoc on our bodies.


i am sexy